About Founder

Go into all the world and preach
the gospel to every creature.

Rev.Dr Adduri S.J.D.V PRASANNA KUMAR was born in Pithapuram East Godavari District on 19th October 1962, belongs to Canadian Baptist Churches of Northern circle (CBCNC). My father Late Rev A.Samarpana Rao has first heard the gospel through Canadian missionaries and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. After a wonderful spiritual experience he resigned his government Job and he entered into full time ministry on obedience to the call of God. As a pastor my father has undergone several difficulties in preaching the gospel among orthodox upper caste Hinduism in the villages by maintaining his family of five members with a lower income. In spite of his ordeals he did not leave his faith and more over he instilled his strong faith in our young minds and wanted that we should have strong witness in our walks of life.

For 20 long years Rev.Dr Adduri S.J.D.V PRASANNA KUMAR lived a sinful life. He have completed secular studies as Engineering graduate and started a small scale plastic moulding industry. He earned more worldly influence and strength but failed in real happiness. At that hard trouble situation he was started reading Bible. One night when he was kneel down and praying the entire room was filled with bright light. In that bright light he have seen the glory of the Lord face to face and was filled with Holy Spirit and heard a voice “Go into all the world and preach the good news”. That experience he recognized that God called him to shine the light of his love, salvation and deliverance into the people’s lives so that they can be free to enjoy their God-given inheritance.

This experience changed his entire life’s direction and he became a new man with a new vision with the guidance of Holy Spirit. He left all of his business activities and went to Andhra Christian Theological College, Hyderabad and persuade B.Th, B.D and D.D degrees. Rev.Dr Adduri S.J.D.V PRASANNA KUMAR is the founder and director of Harvest Ministries. Started Pastoral ministry in 1989 with a small group of community believers and preach the gospel of salvation in villages and towns where hundreds of people receive Christ as the saviour. His passion is to people to Jesus Christ, Disciple them in Christ and send them out for Christ.

God blessed him step by step in preaching and established many churches. Through his ministry a team of men and women working together to spread the gospel and sharing the love of Christ and His deliverance in areas of all over Andhra Pradesh, India. Where Jesus Christ name is unknown by means of crusades, relief work, street Evangelism.
He got married SATYA PRASAD KUMARI(JESSIE) who is committed Godly women as wife. She is also committed for the ministry of God. God blessed both of them with two sons Vivek and Sathvik.
He constantly encourages people to use their talents in the ministry of God. He believes that God always uses ordinary people to accomplish extra ordinary tasks.