Orphanage Home

Education for Children
Children are natural learners; they find mystery in the details and are curious about the mundane. However, many children can’t afford to go to school, not just because their parents don’t have the money to pay their school fees, but because they’re homeless, or orphaned, or are needed to work to help support their struggling family. They have no way of getting to school, and they don’t own books or pens they need, even if they could.

We believe that a child who is educated is more likely to make positive change in their community and nation, because they have the skills to connect with others, take on leadership roles and understand social structures.

Through the Child Sponsorship Program, every child is given the opportunity to complete primary school. If needed, sponsorship can cover the cost of school fees and help provide a child with school uniforms, supplies, extra tutoring and educational assistance. Many children continue on to complete secondary school and have the opportunity to enter our Leadership Development Program, enabling them to receive tertiary education and Christian leadership training.

Harvest Ministries encourages poor students by giving some scholarships. Many young people are being benefited by this program. We are paying tuition fee, donation for books and material, Exam fee, travelling expenses and etc. You can a sponsor for these poor students.

Today's children are the promises for tomorrow. Be a part of this ministry.

Educational Scholarship for high school   Rs.1,000 per month ($ 20 approx )
Educational Scholarship for Pre-University Rs.1,500 per month ( $ 35 approx )
Educational Scholarship for Graduate (Technical ) Rs.2,500 per month ($ 55 approx )
Educational Scholarship for Graduate (Professional)

Rs.3,500 per month ($ 80 approx )