Christian Hospital

The Harvest Ministry Christian Medical Center hospital planned for AP, is an project in the planning stages. The mandate of Harvest Ministry will to provide a high standard of medical care in North Andhra to the needy and the deserving in a manner that befits its missionary purpose.

The overriding strategic principles that will be employed will be superior patient service, quality and cost effective medical care with a humane outlook.

The Harvest Ministry Christian Medical Center hospital will be managed with three clear operational goals.

Development of efficient clinical and administrative processes, which will sustain revenues while providing the highest quality of medical care at an affordable cost to the individual patient. Make patient comfort and satisfaction the central value in operations through caring personnel, quality assurance systems and patient feedback. Achieve self-sustaining operations through effective cost management and utilization management. The internal funds that are generated can be efficiently put in use for expansion programs, community outreach, patient subsidies and charity.