Garden Project

Our latest venture, the Garden Project, was initiated by agricultural scientist, and instigated the establishment of five acres of garden at our Harvest Ministry Community Centre for vegetable and fruit production.

Their objective was twofold; firstly, to provide the children with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables; secondly, to create a market garden that will ‘break even’ – by selling surplus produce in order to purchase rice and other necessities.

To achieve this goal, the produce needs to be of a high standard which includes good sizing, good colour and free of blemishes. Other significant benefits include passing on crop management skills which could lead to a career path in agriculture.

The long-term benefits for the community are many and include :
Self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetable production. The ability to generate an income by selling excess produce. An increased knowledge of farming skills and agricultural concepts. Long-term independence for the community, reducing the need for food assistance. An increased sense of community achievement.