Health Care

Majority of the people living in remote villages are daily wage laborers, who earn very meager income. They don’t go hospital or get a health checkup even when they are sick. Because, their little income won’t be sufficient to afford to the costs of getting a good health checkup or buying the medicines the doctor has prescribed for them. Hence, many people die each year even though their sickness was easily curable.

Lack of Awareness Many people fall sick easily due to the lack of proper awareness. They do not know the importance of washing hands, taking a bath daily or the need of keeping houses and the surroundings clean in maintaining a good health. They don’t bother about the quality of water they drink or the food they eat. Hence, they become physically unstable and fall sick very easily.

Medical Camps
We organize free medical camps in remote and rural villages. We invite specialized doctors from renowned hospitals and give them general health checkups, eye checkups, dental checkups and other medical checkups to them. We also provide free medicines and treatments to people according to their need. Through this, we help the underprivileged people to have the access to healthcare services freely.

Health Awareness Programs
Apart from medical camps, we also conduct health awareness programs in villages and communities. We teach them about the importance of maintaining cleanliness in attaining a sound health. We also teach them about the side effects of drug addictions and also the need of developing healthy habits like handwashing and taking a daily bath.

Free Tablet Distribution
We distributes vitamin tablets and other needed medicines to people who cannot afford to it. Through this, we are not only providing them with the needed medical supplies but are also promoting their better health.