Medical Ministry

Harvest Ministry Hospital with the aim of serving all those on the CHRIST as well as the poor villagers, the facility became a full-fledged beds general hospital with all facilities. Remote Medical Camps are set up in local villages at least twice a month.

A medical team consisting of a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and helper provide free first aid and consultation to the poor and needy.

If a medical case cannot be treated at the remote location, patients are referred to the Harvest Ministry Hospital where they receive free treatment. Medical staff is able not only to attend to the physical needs of patients, but also to their spiritual needs.

Through Christian hospitals, clinics and medical outreaches, Harvest Ministry demonstrates the love of God in practical ways throughout its numerous projects. Existing medical care in local hospitals is too expensive for the average laborer.

Here at the Harvest Ministry Christian Medical Center, individuals are received, evaluated and given basic treatment at an affordable cost. Diseases afflict children and families due to impure drinking water, inadequate nutrition, polluted soil, and inadequate hygiene. One part of a family visit to any of the Harvest Ministr Christian Medical Centers will be a class in basic hygiene and nutrition. Women are taught to boil drinking water and use good hygiene in food preparation.