Oldage Home

Old age is an unavoidable part of our life cycle and should be lived gracefully rather than grudgingly. In today’s fast paced world we only start noticing signs of old age much after the gradual process is well underway.

The centre is a platform that initiates a better understanding of the problems of ageing from a social perspective and provides a platform for the aged as well as those concerned to come together to share and care.

An initiative to identify basic healthcare requirements of destitute elderly living in the slums of North Andhra and provide them with medical/healthcare assistance in form of walker, walking sticks, wheel chairs, bed pans, adult diapers, spectacle frames, clothes, food ration, medicines.

Harvest Ministries is committed to helping the helpless, homeless, sick, elderly, mentally ill and destitute in North Andhra, India by providing healthy food, care, and opportunity to rehabilitate in order to restore human dignity.