Social Care

Literacy classes
We conduct free literacy classes for the underprivileged and thereby help them to break the cycle of poverty and live as dignified citizens in society. We teach them how to write and read. We include relevant topics like health and hygiene, environmental and social awareness, moral and ethical values and general knowledge in their reading exercise. This not only helps them to gain valuable information on these topics, but also to improve their personal and family lives.

They no longer can be cheated or misused by others and are capable of doing their things their own.

For communities that simply don’t have water, we drill bore wells. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds. In some areas we go through 200 feet of rock before finding any water at all. For island projects, fresh water is sometimes hidden more than 500 feet below ground. Some communities are so remote that our teams have to hand-carry heavy bricks and pipes because there is no available transportation. But regardless of the obstacles, we find a way to drill a well for these communities.

Sanitation Projects
The toilets we build for the poor are built to last, both above and below ground. Whenever possible, the underground pit is divided into three sections. When one section fills up, waste is diverted to the second and then the third. By that time, the contents in the first section decompose and the cycle continues. We often cut the cost of construction by 25% by involving local contractors and community members.